What Kind of Cyclist Are You?

The term cyclist a term covers a rather broad spectrum of individuals. Cycling can a means of transportation, a competitive outlet, or even a way of life. Often times a cyclist can be broken down based on the type of bike he or she rides while others choose to diversify their means of riding.

The greater Boise area lends itself to supreme riding across nearly every style. Endless miles of single track in the foothills offer epic views of the valley for cross-country and downhill riders while the green belt and an ever-increasing number of bike lanes give the roadie, fixie, and commuter riders their own space to spin. I’ve been fortunate enough to dabble in a wide variety of riding throughout Boise. Along the way I’ve photographed some very talented fellow riders. Below is a glimpse in to the many applicable definitions to the label of a cyclist.

With the weather warming it’s perfect time to find what defines you as a cyclist. Cheers!




~ by skier2435 on March 29, 2011.

2 Responses to “What Kind of Cyclist Are You?”

  1. I dig these… very nice!

  2. Thanks Kevin! Much appreciated.

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