Queen’s Cup Open 2010 – Park City Mountain Resort

In a sport driven by men, women have found that their break continues to be a long arduous process. However, the gals and stepping their game up more and more every year. They’re sessioning the same parks as the guys, getting out there for photo shoots and straight up putting in the time to progress. Individuals such as Sarah Burke, Grete Eliassen, Jen Hudak, Anna Segal and Ashley Battersby are just a few pushing each other to step up the level of women’s skiing.

The Queen’s Cup Open in Park City, UT is one such venue specifically catering to the progression of women’s skiing. This competition, created by Annaleah De Masi, is set up to give girls of all ages a chance to compete individually as well as a team. It’s a great way for younger up-and-coming athletes to meet some of the pros, see where they stand competitively and enjoy an all around laid back event. Last year through some connections and good timing I was granted a tag-along media pass to snap some photographs of the gals in action. Throughout my time at the event the energy was high, smiles were ubiquitous and girls were throwing down some sick tricks. I had such a blast at the event last year that I made sure that I could make it back down for this years showing. With access granted, skis loaded and a place to stay all lined up I hopped in the trusty Subaru and made my way to the Wasatch front for another adventure.

I built an extra day in to my schedule to do some skiing with some of my closest friends. Free passes to Brighton and six inches over night had us giddy for solid day of shredding. We immediately made our way to Milly where the pitch seemed more sustained and various features made for an excellent playground. On our second lap, got in to a few cliffs that ended up be a bit bigger than anticipated. I skied away with solid gash in my forehead from tomahawking on to my ski edge. An hour and eight stitches later and we were back out exploring the rest of the terrain that Brighton had to offer. Delicious beers and high-fives greeted us in the parking lot and I couldn’t be happier, well maybe I could have been with out the $230 medical bill… All in all it was another good day in the bag.

I now digress back to Queen’s Cup.. Saturday morning came early and the unfiltered grainy coffee and encroaching clouds did not put me in the best of moods. I had to keep thinking positively and make the most of my opportunity. That sullen face of mine completely turned around when I walked in to the meeting room full of stoked girls ready to shred the pick and shovel park to the fullest. I soaked in their vibes, strapped the boots on, grabbed credentials and was out the door with a newly amplified attitude. Parting clouds and blue skies turned the knob one notch higher on my already beaming smile meter. Queen’s Cup Open 2010 was on!

First chair ride up for the day.

All smiles with style.

Erica Durtschi getting warmed up with the switch 5.

Alice Gong

Mads Baker

Dania Assaly

Anna Segal

Look closely to see the under rotated back flip..

Mads Baker tough as nails even with a broken arm.

Megan Gunning with a sick corked 5.

Mads Baker

Annaleah gettin ready to pop bottles.

Event coordinator, Annaleah De Masi holding up the grand prize check.

Erica Durtschi walking away with $500 thanks to her sick corked 720.

All in all it turned out to be a gorgeous goggle tan day filled with sick tricks, solid competition and sheer enjoyment.  Check out Becca Babicz article on New Schoolers for details on top finishers, words from the coaches and more photos.

With an evening out on the town in Park City, Sunday had us taking time to sleep in and relax. A hearty breakfast, a long board session and a little reggae were all in the works. Eggs in the City satisfied our breakfast cravings before the “Hyper” stretch of the University of Utah campus satisfied our long boarding craving. A brief rest in-between and we were ready to make our way up to the Canyons ski resort for some irie jams.

Fishbone at the Canyons

Gettin in to it

The crew

Yet another great day in Salt Lake

Now the Queen’s Cup Open could stand-alone with its team competition and still be epic but they take it one step further to go above and beyond. Following the weekend is a weeks worth of “My Super Sweet Park”. The Queen’s Cup Open website details it as being, “one of the most progressive events to date, allowing the ladies an opportunity to show off their skills and their commitment to strengthening the awareness of their dedication to advancing the sport. My Super Sweet Park is a filming and photoshoot session following the Queen’s Cup Open and open to all invited athletes. The first place slopestyle competitor will also be given an invite to participate. My Super Sweet Park is NOT a competition though prizes are awarded to stand out athletes.” Through a fortuitous work break I was able to stick around to catch day one of the action. We headed for the larger features of King’s Crown park. Early morning winds kept the gals focusing on the upper box and rail sections. Their work ethic and innovation shown brightly at each stop we made.

Alice Gong

Erica Durtschi

Megan Gunning

Megan keepin it stylie


Alice Gong


Brooklynn Gray Hall

Megan Gunning



Becca Babicz


Ashley Battersby

Ashley killin it

Erica Durtschi relaxin

Back at it with a sick tap. Photographer Rocky Maloney’s perspective wins though. Check it out here.

Puttin in work

Ash keepin at it

Roz gettin her Tweet on.

The crew

Ashley Battersby Sequences

Rosalind Groenwoud Sequences

Alice Gong Sequeces

Big high five to Annaleah De Masi for getting me on board again this year and to all the girls who threw down, especially Ashley Battersby, Erica Durtschi and Rosalind Groenewoud. It was also most excellent shooting alongside Rockey Maloney & Riley Snyder. You guys had some sick shots. Check their sites out! I look forward to meeting up with everyone again at next years event.


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