First Urban Session of the Season: AJ Ogden & DEF-I-NATION

Snow in the treasure valley is often few and far between. Low elevation mixed with warm Chinook winds can make for rather mild winters in Boise. However, when the storms and temperature align just right to make that white stuff fall the local ski and snowboard talent takes full advantage of it.

Early this week was one such occasion where frigid temperatures and a sufficient accumulation of precipitation gave Boise’s DEF-I-NATION crew a chance to score some early season footage. I was fortunate enough to catch up with these guys in an attempt to snap some shots.

Urban setups are hit-or-miss scenarios. Countless things can go wrong from police to power. Yet, when everything comes together just right, the feeling hard to beat. This most recent session threw in a handful of variables including cleaning ladies, cops and crash landings. It was an intense night ending with only three drop-ins before a final ten foot fall to back and head on concrete put things to a close. AJ Ogden was that fateful rider who cleaned the ledge twice and eventually wound up in the hospital with a concussion and some gnarly bruising. That kid was tough as nails taking that beating and my hat goes off to him.

Here’s one shot that came out from the evenings events.

AJ Ogden - Snowboarding, Urban Ledge, Boise, ID

I’m looking forward to getting out with the DEF-I-NATION crew more this winter. Stay tuned.


~ by skier2435 on December 11, 2009.

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