Dirt Jumps – Eagle Velo Park

Over the last few weeks I’ve been itching to re-connect with the special side of photography that I often put to the wayside. Time and time again I find myself focusing my photography solely on a job oriented task while often putting the recreational hobbyist perspective to the wayside. Now that my year has begun to slow I’ve decided to do something about that. Of course, there’s always the dilemma of narrowing down what subject matter to shoot, the look, the feel, everything involved with the final product. My comfort zone typically reverts me to shooting things that I know, skiing, biking, fly fishing, basically nearly anything involved with the Idaho outdoors. Well this most recent project was no different. Having spent ample amount of time on my bike lately and recently being motivated by a friends photographic portfolio I decided that this sport was to be my subject manner of choice. I called up a good buddy of mine on a Tuesday and by Wednesday we were heading out to the Eagle Velo Park with three riders and a vague idea of what sort of look I wanted to convey. I’ve posted a few of my favorite shots below. It’s more or less a starting point to what I think could be some great photos. I can’t thank the riders, Dustin Richcreek, Dustin Howell and Art Widmar for stepping it up for the camera. I wouldn’t have any shots without you guys!


Dustin Howell – Tweak It, Tweak It


Dustin Howell – No Hands Dance


Art Widmar – Turnin Three Hundred and Sixty Degrees


Art – Layin it Out There


Dustin Richcreek – Chea Boy


Art Widmar – Steppin Up to the Big Jumps


Art Widmar


Art Widmar


Zee Setup


Dustin Howell – Surveying the Take-Off


Art Widmar – Touchin Sky


~ by skier2435 on October 23, 2009.

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