Great Photography Quote from “The Wild Girl” by Jim Fergus

As October’s transformation has led the leaves to transform from cooling greens to vibrant reds and oranges my photographic assignments have followed their own transformation. Weddings are fewer and far between, 4th quarter budgets are tight and the snow is still teasing us with it’s inevitable return. All of these circumstances have opened up the free time in my life. I’ve been putting ample mileage on the bikes, catching up with friends and even began reading again. I was given “The Wild Girl” by Jim Fergus last Christmas by my boss and finally have had a chance to enjoy it. Last night I came across a rather telling quote that I wanted to share. Take however you will. Just thought someone might enjoy it.

“A man’s memory is the faulties of instuments, vulnerable to retrospection and revisionism, altered by age and distance, skewed by heartbreak, disappointement and vainity, tainted always by the inconsolable hope that the past was somehow different than we really know it to be. This is why memoirs are always, by definition, false. But a photograph never lies. ”

Get out there and shoot those memories. It’s a beautiful time of year, oozing with photographic opportunities.


~ by skier2435 on October 9, 2009.

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