Queen’s Cup 2009 – Park City, UT

Women’s skiing and snowboarding has sat in the shadows of men’s skiing and snowboarding for countless years. Despite this cloud, more and more female skiers and snowboarders are continually stepping their game up in an effort to shed a little light onto their hard work and dedication. With each new season comes a wide array of new riders, sponsorships and events aimed at giving gals the attention they deserve. Queen’s Cup is one particular avenue that has been dedicated to this progression of women’s skiing and snowboarding for the past four years.  “There’s hardly any coverage out there showing their dedication and the level they’ve taken women’s skiing to and since they’re all here to support the next generation, I felt the perfect way to thank them is to plan a rad week to have fun, shred hard and give them opportunities that they haven’t had before,” said Annaleah De Masi, visionary and coordinator behind Queen’s Cup. From a first had perspective, I can tell you that this truly was an ideal forum for all around progression and enjoyment of women’s riding.

This year was my first opportunity to experience Queen’s Cup. I initially set out as another face in the crowd but through a few connections I was able to throw my camera on and move in a bit closer. Annaleah graciously hooked me up with all the credentials needed to capture these girls throwing down up close and personal.


























_mg_0081 _mg_0148









After watching these girls, I have a new found respect. They truly are pushing the envelope every day and deserve to have light shone on their efforts. I can only hope that events such as Queen’s Cup continue.



For a great piece on the play by play happenings, the results of the events and some great shots, check out Kristi Giles’ article on newschoolers.com. I picked the quote given by Annaleah De Masi from her post.


I am sincerely grateful for having the privelage to shoot this event. Big thanks to Annaleah for hooking me up, Moo for making the connection, Hector and Christine for the lodging and all those other rad people that I met along the way!


~ by skier2435 on April 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Queen’s Cup 2009 – Park City, UT”

  1. Love your pictures of the Queens Cup! I can’t wait to show the rest of my family and friends this website so they can get a feel for just how fun and exciting this event was.

  2. […] Queen’s Cup Open in Park City, UT is one such venue specifically catering to the progression of women’s skiing. […]

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