Inversion Excursion IV – Boise, ID Alley Cat

If you’ve lived though a winter in the Treasure Valley, odds are that you’ve experienced a dreary inversion. These formations brought on by stagnant ridges of high pressure result in a frigid layer of particulates that settle in the lower elevations leave many of us depressed and longing for sunlight. Amidst all the gloom there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Velo Pirate crew has been hosting an event to motivate fellow cyclists to leave the warmth of their own homes, to meet up with up with like-minded friends and strangers, to jump on their bicycles and to enjoy an adventuresome Inversion Excursion.

More than forty competitors looked past the daunting task of crossing the icy waters of the Boise River in an effort to show that they will not be brought down by the infamous inversions. I will admit that I pulled the lame card out and opted to shoot photos instead. My hat goes off to all of those who competed.









Big high fives to the Velo Pirates for stepping up the alley cat spirit. Oh, I almost forgot, you have to check out Brook’s river crossing outfit at the Bikes & Rec Site.


~ by skier2435 on January 29, 2009.

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