Fall Fly Fishing – The Bigwood River in Sun Valley, ID

The fall season is my most favorite time of year to fish. Typically, the colors are vibrant, the water is low, the fish are fattening up and overall experience is truly enjoyable. This past Sunday I was fortunate to have yet another successful and enjoyable day on the Big Wood River. With the fingers of an Indian Summer still extending its finger nails into the end of fall I was presented with unseasonable 55* temperatures with no wind and plenty of sun. It was by far the best alternative option to skiing seeing as how there aren’t any resorts in Idaho fully open, sigh…



I waited for the brisk morning to make way to the soothing mid day hours before I made my way down to a stretch of the Big Wood the cuts through south side of Bellevue.

River reports according to the River Keepers website indicated that surface action may be found with blue winged olives, parachute Adam’s and other stimulators. I tried my first series of cast with a size 18 blue winged olive at the end of a 10ft 5x tippet. After a good ten minutes and not a single rise in sight I switched over to a caddis/mr. beam like stimulator with a size 18 pheasant tailed bead head nymph 3ft off the back. Let’s just say I didn’t switch this combination up for the rest of the day.

I spent a good three hours working one of my most favorite stretches catching hungry fish ready and willing to put up a fight. I caught a good 10-12 fish with the majority of them in the 14-17in size range. It was a bit tricky to get pictures of the squeemish rainbows with fly rod in between the legs and the iPhone in the other hand. You can kind of get the idea with these.




img_0479_1 img_0487_1






~ by skier2435 on December 1, 2008.

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