Tamarack Ski Education Foundation Fashion Show

The much anticipated ski season is just around the corner and signs of it are popping up around everywhere. At one such pre-season event (the premier of Claim the MSP ski movie), I ran into some parents of a former ski racing athlete that I coached at Bogus Basin. This athlete was a rippin racer who has since moved on to the Tamarack freeride team. They approached me about photographing a fundraiser fashion show that they were putting on to kick off the Tamarack Ski Education Fountain’s ’08-’09 year. It was a perfect opportunity to give a little bit back to the skiing community while being able to utilize my new found trade. Plus, what’s not to love about a ski fashion show and a hip hop performance?

Saturday’s events were held at the stylistic Fifty-One-Fifteen clothing boutique.


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Opening events began with a silent auction donated by local ski shops and private sponsors coupled with tasty appetizer treats provided the Falcon Tavern. As people began to settle, a few reassuring announcements were given by the TSEF president Wolfe Ashcraft, the head coach Pat Revallier and Tamarack Resort’s front man Jean-Pierre Boesfplug.

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With the comforting reminders to ease people it was time for the real fun to get going. Trevor Hattabaugh’s quirky demeanor shone brightly as he spouted off his humorous stand-up comedy skit. One memorable line took a cheap shot to snowboarders. “What’s the difference between a snowboarder and a mutual fund? A mutual fund matures and makes money.” Trevor put everyone in a merry mood before the bread and butter of the event.

ba5s4373 ba5s4376

The lights began to dim and the house music began to bump as the models began to line-up. Chic outfits provided by Fity-One-Fifteen were showcased by the first two models. There were over fifteen outfits sported by animated TSEF athletes, coaches, and parents and came in a variety of ski and street clothes provided by local Boise & Donnely ski shops as well as Fifty-One-Fifteen’s very own vintage line-up. As the fashion came to a close there was only one logical way to end it all. In the spirit of the movie “Zoolander”, a “walk off” was thrown down and only one man or should I say young boy stood and the victor..

ba5s4393 ba5s4398

ba5s4399 ba5s4404

ba5s4407 ba5s4414

ba5s4418 ba5s4426

ba5s4432 ba5s4435

ba5s4442 ba5s4446

ba5s4450 ba5s4453

ba5s4459 ba5s4463

ba5s4468 ba5s4479

ba5s4488 ba5s4491

ba5s4492 ba5s4497


ba5s4501 ba5s4502

ba5s4509 ba5s4511


ba5s4523 ba5s4522

ba5s4524 ba5s4526

That victor took is glory lap just long enough before the spotlight was to be shown on yet another duly noted set of performers. Eleven, consisting of Noah Hyde on turn tables and David Maxwell as the lyricist. These two truly know how to show a crowd a good time whether they been grown parents or pre-teen kids. Eleven had everyone feeling the beats and lyrics. If you didn’t grab a CD at the event please do so. They can be picked up for $5 at Fifty-One-Fifteen. You won’t be disappointed.






ba5s4603 ba5s4610








This was an event that I will not soon forget. TSEF you did a kick-ass job of putting this all together. I only hope that I can be a part of next years festivities. Best of luck to all of the athletes next this coming year in all their competitions.


~ by skier2435 on November 19, 2008.

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  1. Those are some great pics dood!! The ones of Osha and the pup are great.

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