Ride – Alley Cat Race

Thirty minutes after driving into Boise back from a weekend in Bend and I was on my bike bound for the Visual Arts Collective for a sabbath of bike riding. Brook and Bart of Bikes and Rec put on another event that didn’t disappoint.

Three thirty marked the start of the first event, the alley cat race. Riders were directed to various parks around Garden City. Few participants were familiar with the surround area making for a wide variety of routing schemes. Never the less, the ingenuity of the riders mapping skills still brought the first place group lead by Logan Barclay, Jarris Wieme, Cody Weaver and Brandon Meyers in at a cool forty minutes. Congrats boys.

Sprints took over the second round of events. Art and Vachel were pitted against each other for the final match-up with Art taking first by a bike length.

Beer re-lays immediately followed. Teams of three had each rider taking off for three laps all while enjoying a beer before passing the torch to their next teammate. Splashes and stumbles ensued but no one was seriously injured…

Bike Polo had riders exercising their handling skills. Paul from Prestige and Jason from George’s put on quite a showing.

Last but not least, La Fluer, Tartuffi and Speedboat put on one hell of a showing that rocked our socks off. Big thanks to Sam for opening up his doors for us and Brook & Bart for putting everything together. Look forward to seeing everyone at HELL R4CER.


~ by skier2435 on October 22, 2008.

One Response to “Ride – Alley Cat Race”

  1. First class photos. Loved the Jubelale shot today. Well played.

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