October Road – Bend, OR

Over the past 23 years there has been only place that I legitimately call home. I’ve visited cities big and small from coast to coast and really only found Boise to the one place that I would genuinely like to spend the majority of my life in. (Yes, I am bias but it is pretty rad here). However, Bend, Oregon has begun to grow on me as a viable city that I could see myself living in. If you’ve never been, Bend is like a miniature Boise but with coniferous trees and volcanic mountains dominating the landscape instead of sage/deciduous trees and rolling foothills. The people for the most part are genuine, the food good and the outdoor activities limitless. It definitely offers just about everything that I’d want in a city.

My good friend Alex invited me to head five hours west to take in the Bend’s fall scenery. His dad very recently began leasing a house in a prime part of town and needed some help moving a few things in. For a free place to stay, free meals & beer and a free ride over all to help move some furniture? I was all over it.

Our weekend consisted of some light moving, mt. biking, fly fishing, beer drinking, Wii playing and sunset watching. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and look forward to the next trip out there. Thanks to John and Alex for making this happen.


~ by skier2435 on October 21, 2008.

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  1. […] As you might have read in the past, Bend has shown me something exciting every time ranging from spectacular sunsets to epic riding sessions. This trip was to be no different. Ten of my close friends and I all made […]

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