Evening Ride – Bogus Basin Road

Yesterday was a hectic day at work for me and as soon as 5:00 I had this screaming urge to pedal away from the madness. I rushed home, dropped everything, slipped on the spandex and was out the door in less than 15minutes.

The downtown traffic was a bit irritating, feeling more like the L.A. 405 than small town Boise. Bogus Basin Road’s uncongested winding curves lent a burning sensation to clear my head. It took a good three miles from the beginning of the stop sign for me to really feel comfortable and relaxed. Once that consistent cadence was established it gave me time to listen to day dream off as the tunes created an ambiance of their own.

Five miles in I came upon a gal in a tamarack team kit just hammering away. I was super siked to see another fellow rider and made my way to catch try and catch her up with her driving pace. It definitely took a while but it was worth the extra little sprint. This delightful BSU grad student studying English helped the next two miles move by with ease (If you read this, thanks for putting up with the brief conversation – it was nice chatting).

Only a half mile after we parted, so too did the clouds. The sun broke through and shone brightly putting a big smile on my face. Expansive views and vivid colors of the setting sun really made me appreciate what we have so close to home. The rest of the ride up had me periodically snapping pictures with the compact iPhone as I rode. At mile marker 12 the impending darkness and frigid temperatures had me turning around. All in all it was a much needed ride. Below you’ll find some pictures from the ride. Hope you enjoy.



~ by skier2435 on October 8, 2008.

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