Excellent Adventure Wrap Up

Well well well…. We can finally say that we did it. All the hard work and planning paid off huge. For our first event, 30 people would have made us smile. What would 84 people do for us? Pray that everything goes smoothly and then jump for joy. Tons of new shining faces came out on Saturday to show their love of biking and we couldn’t have been more honored. Thank you so much for pedaling your asses off and giving us great pride in our adventure.

Here’s a basic run down of events if you missed out on the festivities.

  • 5:00 – 5:54: A slew of siked riders came out to Kathryn Albertson Park to sign up
  • 5:55 – 5:59: Riders tore open their manifests and planned a tentative route
  • 6:00: The madness began and participants took off in various directions
  • 6:00 – 7:00: Seth and I frantically setup the final stop and grab more supplies to sustain the unexpected crowd.
  • 7:06: Beau Burley runs into the final stop taking first place for the men
  • 9:00 – Infinity: People get their drink, food and dance on!






  1. Beau Burley: $100
  2. Danny Kester: $65
  3. Sean E: $35


  1. Kristi Burley – 2nd place overall: $100
  2. Fran: $65
  3. Brittney Gadd: $35

Thank You’s

  • Brook and Bart: Bikes and Rec – For way too much help! Couldn’t have done it without you guys
  • Kevin Boland: Big Horn Brewing – For his generous keg donation and beer glasses
  • Jacob Black: Bitter Creek/Red Feather – $25 gift certificate and t-shirt
  • Bodie Lee: Red Feather – Tasty Jams mixed throughout the night
  • Jenna Durfee: Dawson Taylor – $20 gift certificate
  • Cory: Falcon Tavern – (2) $20 gift certificates
  • Tom Patek: World Cycle – Tons of socks, tubes, and some hats
  • Evan Cecil: Newt & Harold’s – Lovely swag package
  • Dan: Casanova – $25 gift certificate and a t-shirt
  • Scott: Raw Sushi – T-shirts and hats
  • Logan: Bikes2Boards – PINK CHROME BAG!, Swobo handlebars, Oury grips
  • The Flicks – Two movie tickets
  • Corbett: Vitamin Water – Cases of Vitamin Water – Brittney Gadd for haulin them up from Utah
  • Tara + Crew: Red Bull – Energizing Red Bull to kick things off
  • Seth Masarik: Shakespeare – Two show tickets
  • Peter and Lisa Peterson: Elmer’s – $15 gift certificate
  • Steve Smith: Steve Smith Photography – Free photo session
  • Mark & Tammy Masarik, Kurt and The Girls – showing some love at the stops
Apparently the consensus it that you all wouldn’t mind having this event again next year. We’ll have to see what we can do and please correct us if we’re wrong. Thanks again to everyone.

~ by skier2435 on September 16, 2008.

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