First Studio Shoot

Last Friday I had the opportunity to shoot along side my boss, Steve (owner and lead photographer at Steve Smith Photography). This was my first shoot in the studio and my nerves were on the fritz.

Our subject was the beautiful Janae Glass, whom had claimed to have never modeled before. She sure could have fooled us. Her initial reserved demeanor turned sassy and vivacious as soon as the camera pointed at her.

When it was my turn to shoot I froze, shooting frame after frame in silence. Janae’s exciting attitude slowly diminished without encouragement. With some helpful hints I slowly began to build confidence and offered small talk to get Janae back up and running. By the end of the shoot I felt completely comfortable. My last scene even had me assertively choosing a wardrobe setup.

Round 1 – Me = Nervous, Janae = Awesome

Round 2 – Me = Gaining Confidence, Trying My Hand at Styling, Janae = Still Killin It


~ by skier2435 on September 8, 2008.

One Response to “First Studio Shoot”

  1. Nice job man! Chrome bag was a nice touch!

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