McCall Mountain Triathlon 2008 & Aftermath

Sometime in early June my good friend Max and I decided that we were going to participate in the McCall Mountain Triathlon. I took this pact lightly figuring that it would just be a motivating factor to get us out on the bikes more. Our weekly training fluctuated depending on our work and travel schedules. On a good week we were riding 3-4 times and trying to incorporate the 32 mile round trip ride to Bogus Basin and back. You might be asking yourself if we did any other training for this triathlon. Unfortunately we didn’t. Neither of us was very fond of spending quality time swimming laps or lacing up the old running kicks. Rallying road bikes drew us in and we figured that when it came down to the race, our arms and legs would react naturally and take over for the swim and bike.

Two weeks before the race came around my schedule started to fill up. I was fly fishing one week, shooting a wedding on the weekend and moving a friend to Seattle immediately following. This left little time to get any sort of training in and I was beginning to worry if this event was going to be possible. I had told enough people that I was going to attempt the tri and had no way of backing out. To make things worse, my training partner called me a few days before the scheduled date explaining that he had come down with pneumonia… This was going to suck. My only recourse was to keep re-assuring myself that completing the race would be an incredibly rewarding sense of accomplishment.

Seven a.m. came far too early than I could have imagined. I was awaken at six with a nervous anticipation pulse surging through my veins. Ten till and I had finally fallen back to sleep only to be stirred by alarm a short snooze later. It was a chilly yet sunny Saturday morning up in the McCall. Cold ravioli with olive oil and the warming sun put me at ease.

It was a thirty minute drive around the back-side of the Payette Lake and we arrived at Upper Payette Lake, where everything was to take place. Chaotic adrenalin junkies raced around the transition area trying to figure out the perfect placement of their bikes, shoes, towels and electrolyte rich beverages. I found a nice spot right in the middle of everyone to call my landing spot. Slowly my street clothes were stripped down to the stream line wetsuit that would keep me warm and afloat in the frigid mountain lake water.

That first sound of thrashing arms and legs in the icy water and it was finally hitting me. Hey, you’re going to go swim a mile then ride your bike up and down hills for 26 miles only to turn around and run 6 more… I’ll make the commentary short and sweet for you. The swim was never ending as I zig zagged back and forth not being able to navigate a straight line, the bike felt good yet degrading every time someone on a $7,000 time trial bike whizzed by me and the run made my legs all but seize up for the first three miles before turning to jello. None the less I finished in a mere 2:42, only 38 minutes behind the winner ha ha… The sweets and beer at the finish helped to temporarily relieve that fatigue that I only brought on myself. All in all, it was beautiful course that was well organized and I am thoroughly glad that I made it through it. I think I’m going to stick to biking from now on though.

After the race I took a quick brake by enjoying a delicious meal that Max’s mom had prepared and soaked in their hot tub. I felt pretty pampered. My phone rang around 3:00 with an invitation to go downhill biking at Brundage. I couldn’t pass it up so an hour later and I was suited up and enjoying a beer on the chairlift with my good friend Graham. Getting back on a massive, forgiving bike was a real treat. We made a few laps before a little race was to kick off. I passed up the offer to race in favor of shooting pictures instead. The dudes and chick were rippin through it all. A broken collar bone and a bonked head was to be the aftermath. Great prizes were hooked up by Pro Peak and my buddy Graham walked away with second place. Not a bad way to spend the rest of the afternoon. Dinner and some quality time at the Yacht Club finished what little energy I had in me. I hadn’t slept that hard in a long while.

Sunday rounded out a pretty perfect weekend. Sean and Jon, some Bend natives who spend their summers in Donnelly beckoned Graham and I to get out on their wakeboard boat. How could I pass that up. The Air Nautique pumped bumpin tunes and threw up a massive wake all afternoon long. Sean and Jon put on an areal spectacle enjoyable by all while Sean’s mom Shelley spouted off witty comments left and right. Definitely a fantastic afternoon.

Thanks Max for the race support and place to crash, Graham for the bikes and all around good times and Sean, Jon & Shelley for getting us out on the boat.


~ by skier2435 on August 7, 2008.

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