Skeedattle to Seattle

Seattle is only a mere 504 miles from Boise. If you fly, the total in flight air time is less than an hour. Yet with all of the allure and close proximity of this major metropolitan sprawl I still had never taken the time to check out the Emerald City.

Las week that northwest void was to be filled. My good friend Andy, (known as Andrew in the medical community) was looking for someone to help him to Seattle where he would be attending the University of Washington’s School of Medicine. He offered to pay for a return plane ticket and some partial eating expenses to be covered in exchange for a helping hand. My work was all but caught up on and my boss, Steve Smith, was gracious enough once again to excuse me on another exciting adventure.

Everything about the move went smoothly except for the initial feline dilemma. Our departure was delayed a mere six hours while we searched for Andy’s cat Winston. Once found we were well on our way smoothly, spending the next day and a half shifting the extensive collection of furniture and belongings that Andrew had acquired over the past several years.

My first glimpse of the big city was on our drive along I-5. It was a gorgeous site seeing the Mariners’ and Seahawks’ stadiums, tall sky scrapers, the space needle and that emerald green waterfront. It’s one thing to look at pictures of a location to get a sense of its surroundings but the images of Seattle that I’ve seen just don’t do it justice. Watching the rigid Cascades give way to the rolling coastal hills, the smell of the cool humid summer air and seeing those low lying clouds speeding by gave me that full perspective that touristy pictures couldn’t justify.

Over the next couple of days I looked to my transplant friends who call Seattle their new home to help navigate me in the right direction of the city. One such friend happened to work at Sky City restaurant, the Space Needle eatery made famous by sleepless in Seattle. She was gracious enough to get us in for free to partake in the 360* view. Some more strings were pulled and before I could bat an eyelash we were sitting in the Sky City restaurant by ourselves enjoying a Monorail Ale (made for specifically for the space needle, nice easy drinking IPA) as the world turned in front of us. The restaurant completes a full clockwise rotation roughly every 40-60 minutes.

Our next stop was to be the Olympic Park to take in the Sculpture Garden. Richard Serra’s “Wake” exhibit was by far my favorite piece there. Each one offered its own unique perspective. The whole area was a great place to take a stroll or to just stop and enjoy the scenery.

My last day began at a great coffee shop near the UW campus called Zoka. Good tunes echoed and even better coffee flowed. I have a feeling that Andy will be spending plenty of time there over the next three years. From there we made our way down to the Pike Place Market. Yes, it’s definitely a tourist spot and I thoroughly enjoyed snapping photos where ever I could. I walked away with a new nickname, Grand Tourismo or GT for short…. Anyways, the fresh food and unique crafts were quite a spectacle. Definitely head down there if you get a chance.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent catching up with friends and enjoying meals. We made a quick stop to the Redhook Brewery in Woodinville before jetting back home. They had a delicious nitro blackhook stout tap that I would recommend. I wish we had made it to the Hales brewery but there wasn’t enough time before my flight. Just something to look forward to on my next journey up there. All in all, my first trip to Seattle was a fantastic one. I’m siked to have finally experienced this not so far off destination location. Thanks to Andy, Willie, Mariel, Gabby, and Nicole for everything.


~ by skier2435 on August 5, 2008.

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