2008 Boise Twilight Criterium – Cat 4/5 Race

Every summer I eagerly await one of Idaho’s biggest and certainly it’s most exciting cycling events. The Twilight Criterium brings in a wide variety of road cyclists ranging from regional Cat 4/5 club riders to world class Cat 1/2 professionals. Each race offers up exciting well placed competition.

Each year that I have been has made want to be an actual part of the event. This year I put that desire into action and decided to sign up last minute for the Cat 4/5 race. Cat 5 is any rider who has competed in less than ten races, Cat 4 more than ten races. I believe that you can jump categories based on points acquired from certain placements. It was my first race so I was appropriately placed as a Cat 5 racer.

With the 2008 crit being my first race and first pack ride ever I was definitely nervous to jump right into things. The first ten laps had me frantically sprinting erratically trying to figure things out. By the 11th lap I was beginning to feel moderately comfortable going into turns and drafting off of people. Unfortunately by this time two packs had formed, a lead pack and a chase pack. As you might guess I was in the chase pack. We maintained a solid 24mph pace but it wasn’t enough to cover any ground on the lead group. Being a beginner, I thought that if there was any hope to make the lead group that lap it needed to be sooner than later. I made my way up to the front of the pack to see if anyone wanted to chase with me. No such luck. I managed to get off on my own for two laps getting as close as a quarter of a blocks distance to reaching the lead group. With no support and my lack of fitness I was eventually swallowed back into the chase pack.

(Images Courtesy of Steve Smith Photography)

Several more laps and the pace still hadn’t picked up. For safety reasons the officials pulled our group with at least ten laps to go. It was a bit unfortunate but I’m just glad I was able to make it that far. I’m definitely siked to get out and give it another shot next year. You can check out the results by clicking here and then going to the Cat 4/5 section. Thanks to everyone who came out to support. Every cheer made it that much easier.


~ by skier2435 on July 28, 2008.

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