Park City Retreat

Park City is a town that I spent many winter weekends ski racing as a kid. You could say that I became hooked at an early age. I grew more and more fond of the location with each new exploratory visit. Well, it had been several weeks since I had traveled anywhere and this past weekend seemed like a great time to scratch that wanderlust itch. With a destination in mind, I grabbed an old ski racing buddy, a park city native friend and jetted down to the 435

We arrived in a mere five hours at a former ski racing friends house eager to take in new sites and sounds that awaited us. Perfect 75* temps and royal blue skies made us feel right at home. Not to mention, the house we were staying at was quite spectacular. The crash pad was right on the golf course, offered expansive valley views and an indoor hot tub. Not to shabby

Our first night kicked off with social hour at the house. Sky Bar was to be our first downtown stop. It’s swanky vibe was set on the fourth floor of the Sky Lodge. It offered up great patio lounging, nice elevated views of downtown and a friendly staff. From there, we made our way to a local favorite, O’Shucks on main street. This place was the exact opposite, laid back but lively crowd, peanuts to shuck onto the floor, and cheap schooners of beer. Our last stop of the night had us at the Sidecar Bar just up the way from O’Shucks. This place had a great stage setup and delicious pizza for those late night cravings. It was a great night catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

The next morning shaped up to be another gorgeous day.

Ray J. Gadd - Park City, Utah

AJ Cronk - Park City, Utah

We were up fairly early and out the door for an intense breakfast bagel experience at Wasatch Bagel. If you’ve had a rough night, be prepared to take on the eager bagel preparers. Our next move was to take on some of the extensive hiking trails that Park City has to offer. Guardsman’s Pass is a quick 20 minute car ride that takes you to the back side of Deer Valley and Park City resort. At the top, there is a nice little parking area at the start of two trail heads. One heads straight up this ridge line taking you to a spectacular vista that overlooks Brighton, Solitude, Superior, part of Alta and Snowbird, The Tipanogos, Heber, and the back sides of Park City/Deer Valley. We spent our time taking in the scenery and playing in the snow fields that plentifully scattered the mountainsides.

AJ Cronk - Guardsman's Pass / Brighton - Park City, Utah

Meredith Riley & Abby Seibert - Guardsman's Pass, Park City, Utah

Shoe skiing intrigued us and before you know it we were sliding every which direction down in an attempt to reach a lake that we had spotted below. Several spills and a bit of round-abouting later our desitination had finally been reached. The cool emerald color of the water sounded quite inviting amidst the beating late June sun. My confidant and myself found ourselves in nothing but boxers ready and willing to tackle the water. With snow leading right to the edge of the lake, we chose to barefoot ski right on into it. Needless to say, the water was a bit chilly, though, incredibly refreshing.

Guardsman's Pass - Park City, Utah

Meredith Riley - Park City, Utah

Recharged and ready to go, we made our way back to the car and ultimately back to the crash pad. We were treated to a more inviting swimming environment at the country club. Warm water, grilled steak wraps, and a nap… I couldn’t have asked for anything better

Once we were fully regenerated, it was time for round two of evening festivities. Crisp white wine and refreshing gin and tonics on the patio set the scene for another fantastic night. The lure of Main street beckoned us once again that night. Side Car Bar was our first stop of the night. We walked in to find out that there was a wedding reception. The great catch, it happened to be my former ski coaches event. This was a coach was a very inspirational part of my racing career and I hadn’t seen him in a good five years. It was awesome to be able to reconnect. After chatting it up and listening to the tasty jams provided by the live band we decided to mix things up a bit. Harry-O’s presented a more night club type feeling. It was a total out of towners place but great people watching none the less. We spend the rest of the night there and a good time was had by all. There were definitely some great stories came out of experience but you’ll have to get in touch if you want more details..

Abby Seibert, Chelsea Laswell, Meredith Riley - Park City, Utah

Sunday was to be our final day. Feeling less ambitious we opted for a late breakfast and poolside lounging to occupy the remainder of our time. It was the perfect close to a fantastic weekend. Oh wait, we stopped at El Chubasco’s for a quick bite of authentic Mexican before leaving. That was the icing on the cake.

Thanks to Meredith R for putting us up & taking us hiking, Chela for endless entertainment, Meredith S for showing us a good time, Abby and AJ for being rad travel companions, and it was great meeting the Tyler (someday you will believe in dinosaurs), New York crew, Orem girls, Louisa, Suzanna, Justin and Camille.


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