You Say Moscow, I say Mashscow

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect weekend to venture up to the armpit of Idaho, Moscow. I might just have to bite my tongue after this past trip. The trip up was a little sketchy with two near police incidents (1. Cop pulled over the guy tailing me instead, 2. The other pulled over the semi that wouldn’t let me pass.) and my rocket box randomly opening while going 70.

Eventually we made it safely to Andy’s (or Andrew in the medical world) pad ready and willing to take on the nights shenanigans. Several of “Andrew’s” friends came over to kick before we all ventured downtown. The journey downtown involved bikes and another near run in with the police. A friend neglected to warn of a police car rallying through lights in route to another more important incident. Don’t worry, we made it through the intersection safely and without altercation.

The Corner Club has been around far too long for anyones good. Offering up $2 “tubs” 32oz beers to a bunch of frat and sorority Moscowians makes it a prime location to view them in their natural habitat. CJ’s just down the street showcases a dance floor where even the whitest kids can pick up ladies with their dance moves. We enjoyed the spectacle and dropped a few moves before there was nothing left to give.

Bright morning light and “Andrew’s” automatic cat box noise came all too early the next morning. It was a lovely sunny 70* day, perfect for the Mashcow festivities. We spent a good part of our day shopping for various alley cat racing outfits. “Andrew” found some neat short shorts, Matt found a nice shirt that looked like chainmail and I found a red Orlando Magic jersey that fit entirely too tight. Hunger was overwhelming us by this point so we headed to Ted’s Burgers for the Po’ Boy special. I can’t say that it was the brightest idea to do before a bike race but we had to experience it. Too our good fortune, the Masters were on TV. I know your probably thinking that golf is the worst sport in the world to watch but let me tell you, when you’re exhausted from the night before, have a Po Boy sitting in your belly and are about to embark on a long bike adventure, golf on TV can be almost as soothing as a nap while dreaming of Alessandra Ambrosio or maybe Lance depending on who you are. Before we knew it the Mashscow registration was upon us. The East Side park was littered with close to twenty bikes when we arrived and slowly grew to be over 30. We were hoping to get the manifests (list of addresses that you have to hit and check off, have signed, etc when riding) when we registered but were told that we would be handed them ten minutes before the start. Great, one previous trip to Moscow and ten minutes to try and plan a route out was going to be no easy task. We managed to come up with somewhat of a circular route in which we might make it back before the bars closed. Promptly at 6:00 Graham Sours, the coordinator of Mashscow, handed out beers that were to be consumed before each person could leave. A great way to start show eh.. With beers chundering in our stomachs, we embarked on our journey. The race had us venturing through playground features, out to the mall, through the arboretum, to humane society and a few other sites thrown in the mix. Hot wings, signatures, quotes and cat food were required before heading to home base (Jeff, Lee and Graham’s house aka the Farm). We made it back a mere fifteen minutes behind the winner in roughly 15th place (for top results, visit the Mashscow site). We were rewarded at the finish with two pony kegs of delicious beer courtesy of the Alehouse. Once all of the racers had made it back, awards and raffle prizes were handed out. 1st place = $50, 2nd = $30, 3rd = $10 (men & women), and prizes ranged from odometers to handlebar tassels. All in all it was a rad event.

Boston Langster - Mashscow Moscow, ID

Girls sitting, Sunset, Mashscow Afterparty

Cross Country Bike - Mashscow

Seeing as how we were in Moscow, we couldn’t just call it a night. We made it back to shower and then headed back down for another night on the town. We didn’t make it nearly as long as the previous night but still had just as much fun.

The next day we were eager to pack our things and be gone from Moscow and its shenanigans. I will definitely be ready and willing for the next Mashscow alley cat. Thanks to Graham for putting it on, “Andrew” for putting up with us and everyone else who we visited with or met along the way.


~ by skier2435 on April 17, 2008.

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