Liverdance 3 Alleycat

What a better way to spend St. Patrick’s day than riding your bicycle, drinking beer (or beverage of choice…) and trying to be the first one through eleven stops scattered throughout Boise. We were all fortunate enough to have a surprise break in the weather to allow for some full on mashing. Speaking of mashing, Jason Bauer had to go and win by twenty minutes (see full results at WBC Boise. Will anyone be able to beat him in any alleycat contest? I’m still waiting to find out.

The shortest course route boasted a cool 22 miles while many others were more than likely in the 25+ range if you were duped by the surprise manifest at the Neurolux (like myself). All in all, it was another great turnout. Thanks to Warlocks Bike Club again for putting together another great event. Addition mentions should be given out to Paul at Prestige, whoever crafted the sick trophies, Swobo, and anyone else who contributed to this rad event. We look forward to the next event put on by this crew.

Brook Slee, myself and others are in the process of putting together an event of our own around May. We will keep you posted on details as they transpire. The weather is slowly coming around. Get out there are get on your bike if you haven’t done so already.


~ by skier2435 on March 19, 2008.

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