Cricket Campus Rail Jam – BSU


This past Saturday the skies opened up and sun sun poked through for the Cricket Campus Rail Jam at Boise State. Scaffolding and sponsor tents dominated the BSU lacrosse field near the SUB. Cricket put on a full production with a legit three rail setup. Local shop riders from around Boise (Newts, Board Room, Etc.) as well as a hand full of touring riders provided a nice spectacle for all of us.

Buster Bronco even let it hang with several failed attempts. You’ve got to give him some respect for trying that with the full outfit.

Buster Bronco

Boise definitely could use more events like this. I’m glad that we were chosen as a stop. Thanks to everyone who put on the event, especially Corbett and Ben at Vitamin Water.


~ by skier2435 on March 10, 2008.

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