California Dreamin’

Rancho Mirage near Palm Springs, California gave me a glimpse of what wealthy retirement life might be like. Country clubs, Bently’s, sunny warm days and snow covered mountain peaks dominated the February Palm Springs lanscape. I was held up quite comfortably in the Las Palmas resort in Rancho Mirage with two queen beds, a mini bar, and an exceptional 40in HD flat screen perfect watching the remnants of the Super Bowl.

The afternoon of our arrival was spent setting up the makeshift studio that we would be shooting out of for the next two days. Our swift execution left us with ample time to watch the interesting parts of the Giants v. Patriots extravaganza. Part of me wanted to see the Patriots go 19-0 and the other part wanted the underdog Giants who so unfortunately beat the Packers, to disrupt that perfect season for Favre’s sake. We all know how it ended and I couldn’t help but wonder if Giselle would leave her loser boyfriend and come running to someone better, someone like me….( I can dream can’t I?).

The following days were spent shooting the diverse as well as the who’s who of the Ken Blanchard Company. I still haven’t the slightest clue as to what the company does. I do however know that the people we shot were very respectful and intriguing individuals. The people are what make or break a shoot for me. At the end of it all, this group really did it for me. This first out of town work trip was a great way to kick things off.

Palm Springs


~ by skier2435 on February 18, 2008.

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