Santa Monica Stopover

This whole working thing hasn’t been so bad thus far. The first traveling work job of the new year has us headed to Palm Springs, CA to shoot for the Ken Blanchard company. We chose to make a slight detour to Santa Monica to visit a good friend and to get some surfing in before the real work begins.

We left Boise amidst a snow storm right around 7:15 am. The never-ending blizzard didn’t show any signs of letting up as we made our way south. It took us a cool 16 hours…., 2 hours longer than anticipated to reach our destination. A friendly greeting, a glass of wine and some small talk were all we could muster up before we crashed.

The next morning I awoke to a “we’re leaving in 15” shout. That meant surf was on the agenda. I was siked to get back in the water. Our host told us that it’d be pretty poor conditions but we might be able to find some peaks here and there. That was all I needed to hear. It took a while for it all come back to me but I was able to put a few waves together. The skiing muscles proved to be quite ineffective at maintaining my stamina and left me weak within an hour. Everyone was able to catch their waves for the morning and we headed back. The remainder of the day was spent preping and cooking a fajita feast that included chicken, steak, shrimp, black beans, rice, guac, onions, peppers, corona and good company. Delicious. Tired from the day we crashed early once again.

Surfing at Santa Monica Beach

Today I awoke to a much more prompt, “we’re leaving in 5” shout. Another frantic gathering of my things and we were out once again. The morning left us with bigger crowds and fewer choices for waves. We still had fun bull shitting in the lulls. With mid-day looming we’re looking to check out Getty Museum.

Getty Museum

More to come as the days go by.


~ by skier2435 on February 2, 2008.

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