Excursion from the Inversion

Last night brought a crystal light, 4in blanket of snow in Boise. It was a lovely scene to awake early to. I unfortunately had a busy photo shoot in the morning and my goal of trying to salvage some freshies at Bogus was becoming more and more far fetched as the day wore on. I’m lucky enough to have two amazing bosses that were willing to let me break free as soon as the shoot was over.With gear pre-packed, I ventured up to Bogus as soon as I had been nourished. Only a few short miles up the road I was graced with a pleasant surprise. The clouds lingering over Boise broke free to beaming sunny skies. I couldn’t be happier.Overall the day was decent with pockets of pow stashed here and there throughout the superior chair. I think tomorrow will be pretty busy and not as much fun as today was. Now I’m starting too sound picky. Skiing is skiing. Get up there if you can.I stopped at one of the turnouts after skiing and snapped a quick shot of the inversion on the way down..Winding Bogus Basin Road


~ by skier2435 on January 25, 2008.

One Response to “Excursion from the Inversion”

  1. Makes me realize I have been living “underwater” for the winter. Nice shot of Idaho hwy 101.

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