Just Around the Bend

What better time to plan a ski trip than the long Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. It was an extra day off and one last reprieve for those going back for a spring semester. With that said, my good friend Alex, my roommate David and I loaded up Alex’s truck with our gear and ventured to Bend, Oregon.

The last time I had been to Bend was some five years ago for an annual ski race. This was a perfect time to get back to that town that I knew I liked but hadn’t had a chance to fully explore.

Alex and David picked me up from work on Friday and we made our journey west. Arriving late but still eager to get out and explore the local night life, we dropped our bags off and ventured out. A rad hip hop band from Eugene called Lafa Taylor revived our energy and kept us going for the rest of the night.

Bright and early the next morning we were greeted by Alex’s sister “Moo”, impatiently ready for us to put our first turns down at Mt. Bachelor. The overhead clouds and lack of snow accumulation over night made it difficult to find motivation. Never-the-less, Moo’s enthusiasm kicked us in gear. As we started nearing the mountain the clouds broke away and exposed Bachelor’s volcanic peak. It was going to be a most excellent day. We skied line after line until our quads burned and short changed jump after jump until our heals were blue… It was definitely worth it.

That night, Alex’s dad John, took us all out for a delicious seafood dinner. It was quite a treat and very much appreciated. After dinner we headed out on the town again to explore some of the other offerings. One of my favorite stops was to the Deschutes brew pub where we sampled their Bend only beers. They had a delicious but potent dark winter beer called “The Abyss”. Quite delicious with plenty of complexity to it. We didn’t make it much longer due to fatigued skied out legs.

Sunday was the day to break out the power toys. We headed back towards Bachelor with Alex’s sister’s (her name is Abby and she’s way rad) boyfriend Martin, sleds (snowmobiles) and smiles. The initial goings were a bit difficult as there were only three sleds between five of us (Alex, David, Kyle W., & Martin). David and I managed to tip the sled we were on three times within 20 minutes. We eventually got the hang of things and started to make some progress. Martin brought us to a great location with pillow lines and knee deep pow. There was enough features for everyone to pick their unique lines to slash. I brought the camera gear along to try and photograph part of the shenanigans. This is one shot of Martin gettin a nice little tree tap. Martin Ciszek

After our session, we headed up the trail to a little lodge on Elk Lake only accessible by snowmobiles. It was a quaint little place that served food and beer. We able to dry our gloves by the fire and catch the first part of what was to be a very sad football game…. (Packers lose to Giants 23-20 in overtime). In order to get back to catch the last part of the game we hopped back on the sleds and rallied back to the trailers.

Once the tragic game was over, we headed out to an excellent pub/hotel/brewery combo called McMenamin’s for some grub. I highly recommend checking it out.

The last day was spent slowly realizing our fate that we would have to head back to Boise and to the real world. It was a bit of a solemn day. All in all the trip was much needed. Everyone was extremely generous, the skiing was great, and no one got hurt. Thanks to all who made it possible.


~ by skier2435 on January 22, 2008.

4 Responses to “Just Around the Bend”

  1. Sweet shot! Looks like they have some good snow up there.

  2. Im not a fan of the whole “alex’s sisters boyfriend” deal, how about the coolest person in the world, Abby, ya her tag along…
    come on raye you know i was the best part of that trip, no need to put me under martin, i didnt even get a name…. psh some friend. by the way, nice picture. hes alright haha.

  3. K Abby, I made sure that you have your name mentioned. I don’t know how I could have left it out.

  4. […] in the past, Bend has shown me something exciting every time ranging from spectacular sunsets to epic riding sessions. This trip was to be no different. Ten of my close friends and I all made the five hour trip from […]

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