Steelhead Fishin in the Sawtooths

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It was zero degrees, my feet were numb beyond recognition, steam clouds billowed from my mouth with every exhaling breath and yet I could not help but embrace the shit-spitting grin I had on my face. I stopped my casting for a brief minute to take in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Sawtooth mountains surrounding me. My good friend Brad and I were taking turns fighting monstrous sea-run trout in the tiny upper confluence of the Salmon River. These fish had traveled nearly 900 miles past 8 dams to procreate in one of the most breath-taking landscapes I’ve ever come across to provide us with enough memories to last a lifetime. Between the two of us we pulled in a good ten fish ranging from 28 – 36inches both hatchery raised and native. While this was only my second year steelhead fishing, I know that this day will be one for the history books.

Bradley “Two Socks”

No matter whether I’m living in Ketchum, ID or clear across the country, I can guaruntee that I will be paying a yearly homage to Stanley to throw my fly line at those amazing fish. That of course is all dependent on their survival rate back to these coveted waters. Check out this PBS video for some insight on how the dams on the Columbia river watershed have depleted a run that was once epic in proportion to the numbers that run today.


Volcano Jump – Sun Valley, ID

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I couldn’t help but notice this massive mound of snow being molded and sculpted in to a beautiful snow sliding playground as I drove by Dollar Mountain several weeks ago. Not long after I caught wind that Level 1 was in town ready to rock out a second year of shooting here in Sun Valley, Idaho.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to watch these talented gents throw down on this 110ft masterpiece dubbed the “Volcano Jump”. Hope you enjoy a few photos!

Stoked to see the footage in next-years Level 1 video! If it’s anything like Eye-Trip, I’m sure it will be rad.

Queen’s Cup Open 2011 – Park City Mountain Resort

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For the past three years I’ve been venturing down to Park City for the Queen’s Cup Open to soak in the spring rays and to scope the gals pushing the limits of their individual skiing abilities. Good tunes, high-fives and tasty features offer up a fun, laid-back environment for a wide range of ages. It’s a neat opportunity to catch a few frames of these girls having a rad time doing what they love. Scope out photos from the time I could be there. For more detailed info on the comp and photos from some other talented photographers, check out the New Schoolers and the Freeskier articles.

New Schoolers Article

Freeskier Article

Big thanks to Becca Babicz & Annaleah De Masi for putting this event on and inviting me to join!

Urban Shredding in Sun Valley, ID

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With the snow receeding rapidly here in the Wood River Valley, riders are scrambling to get their last fix of urban riding in for the season. I caught up with some friends who still had plenty of motivation to get the shots they were looking for. Sunny skies and warm temps offered up some rather photographer friendly conditions. Here’s a few shots for the session.

Thanks doods for letting me swing by to snap a few. Keep on keepin on.

What Kind of Cyclist Are You?

•March 29, 2011 • 2 Comments

The term cyclist a term covers a rather broad spectrum of individuals. Cycling can a means of transportation, a competitive outlet, or even a way of life. Often times a cyclist can be broken down based on the type of bike he or she rides while others choose to diversify their means of riding.

The greater Boise area lends itself to supreme riding across nearly every style. Endless miles of single track in the foothills offer epic views of the valley for cross-country and downhill riders while the green belt and an ever-increasing number of bike lanes give the roadie, fixie, and commuter riders their own space to spin. I’ve been fortunate enough to dabble in a wide variety of riding throughout Boise. Along the way I’ve photographed some very talented fellow riders. Below is a glimpse in to the many applicable definitions to the label of a cyclist.

With the weather warming it’s perfect time to find what defines you as a cyclist. Cheers!



Long Overdue

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Over the past six months I have grown distant from the blogging world. Travels, work and having fun have left my writing falling by the wayside. With shorter days and more freetime until the ski season begins, I’ve decided to get back to logging my journeys. My plan is to pick-up where I left off, back in May of 2010. Slowly but surely I’m going to log blogs about my summer adventures until I reach the present day winter. So with that being said, I hope that you’ll bear with me as the missing chapters are re-inserted into the ever evolving saga.

Visit to Capitol Hill with Alonzo Mourning

•May 17, 2010 • 3 Comments

While photographing with the Steve Smith Photography team last week in Washington DC for kidney dialysis company DaVita’s annual Nationwide event I received this awesome text message. The interaction went a little something like this.

Client: “We need a photographer to go to Capitol Hill tomorrow with one of Alonzo Mourning and one of our lobbyists”

Me: “Like Alonzo Mourning from the Miami Heat?”

Client: “Yes”

Me: “Tell me when and where”

With clearance from my bosses, I was looking at my first celebrity photographing escapade.

Alonzo Mourning is a 16 year NBA veteran, playing the majority of his career for the Miami Heat. In 2000, Alonzo was diagnosed with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, a disease of the kidneys. As a big advocate of kidney care, Mourning joined forces with leadership from the American Kidney Fund, the National Kidney Foundation, Dialysis Patient Citizens and DaVita. Our integration with DaVita landed us the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Alonzo on Capitol Hill.

The mission behind the visit was focused around proposed reimbursement changes to Medicare’s dialysis benefit with various senators and representatives. Mr. Mourning’s drive that carried him so successfully on the court is just as strong off of the court. His passion and commitment to creating awareness for kidney care and compensation was truly inspiration to see as he went head to head with some of the most influential in the evolution of our health care transformation.

It was a hell of a day for me. Everything piece of the adventure from hanging out with Alonzo Mourning for an afternoon to seeing the in’s and out’s of the Capitol to meeting the people who relay the public’s voice was an incredible experience that I will not soon forget.

Driving to the Hill.

House of Representatives.

Senator Orin Hatch.

Senator Bill Nelson posting up on the railing to get eye to eye with Zo.

Kerry and Lieberman

Senator Kerry

Senator Barbara Boxer.

Senator Bob Corker.

Senator Herb Kohl, owner of the Milwaukee Bucks.

Capitol rotunda

Ways and Means Chairman, Sandy Levin.

Budget Committee Chairman, John Spratt

Press from the afternoon’s events.